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Brandon covers everything south of Indianapolis to Louisville and Evansville, IN. 




Holly owns an interior design company and supplements her income with garage organization. Holly covers all of Cincinnati and surrounding areas. 




Kolten owns an inspection company in Indianapolis and supplements his income with garage organization.  

Backed By Experience

We have completed over 600 garage organization jobs to date. We know what processes work and those that don't.

Pick Your Schedule

You tell us what days and times you want jobs and we start booking them.

$25-$50 Per Hour+

After each job, our partners get 75% of the profit after job expenses. This amount averages more than $25 per hour.

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REsell items 

Items that clients throw away can be resold on Facebook Marketplace for extra income on each job.

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Pay Breakdown By Organization Package

Based On Hundreds of Completed Jobs

Single Car Garage


$ 300

Total Received: $300

Truck Rental: -$75

Dump Fees: -$40

Marketing Fees: -$45

Gas: -$30

Processing Fees: -$8.70

Total Expenses: $198.70

Total Profit: $101.30

Our 25% Split: $25.33

Your 75% Split: $75.98

Total Hours Worked: 3

Hourly Pay: $25.32

Two Car Garage


$ 400

Total Received: $400

Truck Rental: -$75

Dump Fees: -$65

Marketing Fees: -$45

Gas: -$30

Processing Fees: -$11.60

Total Expenses: $226.60

Total Profit: $173.40

Our 25% Split: $43.35

Your 75% Split: $130.05

Total Hours Worked: 4

Hourly Pay: $32.51

82% of Jobs are

Two Car

Three Car Garage


$ 500

Total Received: $500

Truck Rental: -$75

Dump Fees: -$80

Marketing Fees: -$45

Gas: -$30

Processing Fees: -$14.50

Total Expenses: $244.50

Total Profit: $255.50

Our 25% Split: $63.87

Your 75% Split: $191.62

Total Hours Worked: 5

Hourly Pay: $38.32

Additional Factors

Early Finishing
38% of jobs are finished more than 30 minutes early and the client has nothing else in the garage left to organize or install. 

Finishing Late
25% of jobs go over because the client is loving the work and wants additional organization or installation. When the allotted time runs out we bill at $80 per hour. 

Vehicle Use
When we know a client will not have much trash, we can rent a smaller vehicle which saves on fuel and rental fees. If you have your own truck or trailer that can hold the trash then we can provide a $50 bonus per job. 

Referral Bonus
When you bring on jobs from your own personal referrals then we pay you the $45 marketing fee built into the job. 

Trash Removal
The majority of clients hire us for the organization aspect of our service and not the trash removal. Most jobs only fill up 25% of the box truck or less.  

Custom Jobs
Some clients that have large projects will request a custom project outside the pre-built packages. These jobs can range from $900 to more than $3000 over multiple days. These jobs can yield $600 or more per day for our partners.

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Reselling Items

Turning Trash Into Treasure

When clients throw away items to get them out of the way, we have a few options for disposal. Items can be thrown away, donated, or resold. We allow our organizing partners to have the final call. We do NOT do consignment and ALL items that can be deemed as private or sensitive will be thrown away. There is a $50 extra charge when a client requests for items to be donated. These items will not be sold. 

  • The average garage organization yields $30 to $50 worth of items that can be resold. It is not unusual for clients to throw away furniture, tools, mowers, home decor and antiques.  The most money made on the resale of products in one garage was $1200. That client owned a cleaning company and threw away broken commercial floor buffers that were resold as-is. 

  • There is a 50/50 split on items that are sold. We get 50% and our partner gets 50%. 

  • Our garage organization partners can sell these items in flea markets, Facebook Marketplace or eBay at their sole discretion. In a few cases, garage organization yielded enough product to warrant an event at the Indianapolis fairgrounds. (pictured left).

  • Storage for these items can be done in a storage unit or at the home of our organization partner.

Who are we looking for?

Our Ideal Organization Partners

We are ready for expansion into cities with a population of 200,000 or more. If you live in or around a city like this, then please read on. If not, please feel free to leave your info with us and we will contact you if we ever come to your area. 

  • The most important quality of our ideal candidate is the ability to look positively on any situation. Someone that is patient, caring and kind will stand above the rest when it comes to garage organization.

  • We need someone that is hard working and isn't afraid to get dirty. Some of our organization jobs are not pleasant to handle for the average person. 

  • We need someone with common sense and logical thinking. We don't care what kind of education you have, because people with common sense are the individuals who can solve problems in a crunch.

  • This is a part time, independent contractor position. The person we are looking for should have income in other areas and NOT expect for this position to provide a full time wage at the beginning. This position certainly can be full time when milestones are passed over time. 

  • This position often involves the assembly and installation of overhead storage, shelving, metal cabinets, slatwall, bike racks and more. If you do not feel comfortable with these tasks before applying, then this may not be the position for you. We do provide a certain level of training, but a basic awareness of using tools and organizing is required. 

  • We are looking for someone that will be available for at least 2 days per week. 

  • To be a garage organization partner, you must have a valid drivers license and be comfortable driving box trucks up to 26ft. You must be able to lift 50 lbs or more. You must have a working smart phone. You must have a running car. 

Apply to Become a Garage Organizing Partner

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